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About Us

At a time when the big stores are trying to squeeze out the little guy, we decided to get togther. As a group of independent retail nurseries we have decided to pool our resources and focus on providing home gardeners with the pick of the crop - the highest quality plants. In addition, you will be provided with the information required to make your gardening dream a reality. So what are you waiting for - get down to your local nursery.

Visit your local nursery for information and advice.

It all happened in 2011 when Ian Moad from Rivers of Yarrambat caught up for a chat with Acorn Nursery's John van der Horst. Between them there was over 75 years of nursery experiences. They began talking in detail about some of the finest batches of plants they had bought that year. There were stocky and floriferous camellias and thick stemmed evergreen magnolias. Each nurseyman had found some great stock and each nurseryman had found some great stock that the other nurseryman had not found.

An idea was reached. "Why don't we get together more often?" In a short space of time a meeting was held not just with Ian and John, but nursery people from all over Melbourne. These were only to be Australian Nursery and Garden Industry accredited nurseries and only nurseries who had a desire and a passion to source the finest plants available.

Initially, the meetings were a bit tense, and people were tight lipped. We were sort of competitors in some respects, but at a time when hundreds more hardware stores with garden centres slapped on the side were being built by Woolies, we knew we all had common goals. Survival. That included forging a niche and building on what we were famous for - the best plants that gardeners could buy. The best plants from the best growers best batches.

We don't want you to lose your local nursery, so here we are.....just go to our nurseries page.........and find your local nursery.

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